IP Camera interface via STM32

Hi all,

I am looking for developing an IP camera based system based on STMicroelectronics STM32. The way it is supposed to work is:

STM32F4 will have few IP cameras connected to it. It may have a web server running so it can be accessed from outside.

We will have a mobile app running on a mobile device / tablet. It should be able to connect to a particular IP camera through the web server (or any other mechanism).

End result expected is as a user if I run the app on my device, I should be able to connect to a particular site (say my home) and get the live feed of a camera.

I do not need to do any image processing.

Now the questions:

1. Is STM32F4 suitable for this application?

2. What other components I am missing in the overall system?

3. Using a storage media with STM, such as a SD card, I can record the video and then send it when requested. Does video recording need knowledge of the protocol used by the camera (say H.264 compression method etc.)?

4. Any pointers where I can start studying this?

Thanks a lot,


  • Hi Gopal, with Embedded World running this week, a few of our embedded experts are enjoying Nuremberg!

    What do you want the MCU to do with these video streams and what kind of throughput (image size/quality/framerate) would do you expect?

    The higher end STM32 F4 has one camera and Ethernet interfaces: STM32F4 Series - STMicroelectronics but these stays microcontrollers... (having said that, I just have to say it's not possible for Jens can run HD video on them... )

    You might benefit from the comfort of running a fuller operating system... You would also be able to reuse code/libraries as well and wouldn't have to think too much about task scheduling.

    I like your idea.


  • albanrampon,

    A full fledged OS will be very good but am trying to research out if I can do without that. Just running a normal RTOS (Keil RTX) and trying to explore the possibilities.

    Thanks for your inputs...

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