AHB amba 5 lite - waited write transfer


i didnt find at spec any note about the waited write transfer.

for example 

T1 : NONSEQ + write transfer  + HREADY is high

T2: HREADY dropped + HTRANS is idle - HWDATA ?

does the HWDATA have to be the right data or it can be any junk ? and only when the HREADY will rise again the HWDATA have to be the correct one ?

thank Michael

  • HWDATA ***MUST*** be driven correctly for the entire data phase of the transfer. All diagrams in the spec will show HWDATA driven to a constant value for the full data phase of a write transfer.

    Section 6.1.1 of the AMBA 5 AHB spec does describe the HWDATA bus requirements...

    "If the transfer is extended then the master must hold the
    data valid until the transfer completes, as indicated by HREADY HIGH.

    i.e. by "hold" it means that the data cannot change throughout the data phase, so it must start valid and end at the same valid value.

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