How to get started with ARM Cortex-M, RTOS, Linux?

Hello everybody,

As the senior expert I have worked with ATMega2560 so much, but I have to choose the ARM micro-controllers for my new projects.

I have also read a lot about ARM7TDMI,focusing on how to write SWs with Keil...but I haven't had any practical experience yet.

With the extraordinary improvements of the ARM technology, it seems that ARM7TDMI should be ignored and we need to know about new products.

Can anyone help me about finding very good PDFs or free useful e-books about ARM cortex M?

I have to ask the same questions about RTOS and working with Linux and so on, running on the ARM microcontroller.

Is there any free training course on the Internet?

Your consideration is highly appreciated.



  • You might consider starting small. Low cost development boards are available from all the semiconductor manufacturers.  I like those from ST, either the Discovery or Nucleo families. There is lots of software available from ST and others.  You can learn a lot from studying their code. As a Linux user, I'm familiar with the GNU tools so I use them in cross-compile mode for embedded development.  In general, if a C program compiles and runs on Linux, it will compile and run in an embedded system so anything which doesn't interact with hardware can be tested in Linux. At the moment I'm using an M0 processor.  I've finished porting my preemptive, priority based task manager to the M0. I've also finished porting printf, scanf, malloc, free and stdio functions to the M0. I'm now working on a tool to help generate menus, forms, and view panels for a terminal based user interface. I plan on releasing this as open source once I'm satisfied it is complete.

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