[STM32F769I-EVAL] LwIP_Streaming_Server application problem (camera not supported error)

so this application that comes with the STM32CubeF7 MCU Firmware Package: https://github.com/STMicroelectronics/STM32CubeF7/tree/master/Projects/STM32F769I_EVAL/Applications/LwIP/LwIP_StreamingServer is not working for me

I've checked the main.c code and I found out that the BSP_CAMERA_Init() function is returning the status CAMERA_NOT_SUPPORTED, which I fail to realize why

checking that function the problem occurs on the s5k5cag_ReadID() function that's called which in turn calls CAMERA_IO_Read() which is returning something unexpected

I can't quite figure it out apart from that, so I want to ask if anyone has had a similar thing happen or knows what might be the problem here

thanks in advance, much love

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