Low-Level NOR Chip Interfacing and Embedded File System (EFS) Resources

Hello all, 

I am currently working on a project that requires me to interface with a single external NOR flash chip from Cypress (S29GL064880TFV030), the microcontroller that I'm working with is a STM32F407ZGT7 (LFQP144 Pin Package). I've read through Section 36.2 in the reference manual for that micro-controller (RM0090) and used their STM32Cube HAL API to intialize the Pins to set up the connections needed for the processor to interface with the NOR flash chip, I can provide code snippets if you wish. But where I get stuck on is determining the timing parameters that I need for the NOR flash chip to work and to get it to work with a simple embedded filesystem  (EFS) using the File System Component (Keil MDK Professional). 

I am using CMSIS RTOS  (Version 4.81.1) and the goal of utilizing the external NAND flash chip is to store binary files received from a tftp client for a networked IAP (In Application Programming)/bootloader. 

If you have any suggestions or resources that I can look at please let me know.

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