Trigger a Software Interrupt


I'm working on a Cortex-M4 (STM32F429-DISCO) with the Ravenscar profile, using Ada language.

What I want to do is to trigger a software interrupt from a procedure in a task. This in order to have

the same algorithm, which governs the interrupt, in the board and in the emulator.

For do this i try to modify a data struct present in the runtime, which is the map for the registers of the


The data struct is called SYSCFG (system configuration controller) and i tried to modify in this manner:

SYSCFG_Periph.EXTICR1.EXTI.Val := 16#7#;

so putting this value on the right registers for my purpose. The problem is that no values are changed.

There is a way to change these values or another method to trigger a software interrupt?



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