Use Cortex-A53 Cryptography Extension to optimize crypto operations.

Encounter a "undefined abort" exception during run-time sha256_compress(...) operation within following assembly sequence(captured from ELF binary's objdump):


  103d34:       5e282a30        sha256su0       v16.4s, v17.4s    <<====   Exception triggered at this line and in JTAG debugger it shows as                                                                                                  ====  ".word 5e282a30" 
  103d38:       4eb81f1a        mov     v26.16b, v24.16b
  103d3c:       4ea18637        add     v23.4s, v17.4s, v1.4s
  103d40:       5e164338        sha256h q24, q25, v22.4s
  103d44:       5e165359        sha256h2        q25, q26, v22.4s
  103d48:       5e136250        sha256su1       v16.4s, v18.4s, v19.4s


I want to know root-cause for sure SO i could communicate to my vendor to get the issues resolved.    Please help me understand the situation and below is my theory:

1.  Running SOC is XIlinx Zynqmp ultrascale+ Cortex-A53 SoC and its specification indicates it's arm v8-a and supports Crypto Extension.

2.  By reading ID_AA64ISAR0_EL1, AArch64 Instruction Set Attribute Register 0
     SHA2, bits [15:12]  ====> 0b0000,  which indicates that "No SHA2 instructions implemented."

2> seems conflicting with what's claimed in its specification as 1>.

Here is my question:    Is there possible to enable Crypto Extension supported on this SoC?   Or,  Crypto Extension feature has been disabled on my board as part of manufacturing provision process?   Or, other reasons?

Much appreciated in advance!

Lei Zhou

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