Debug Connection Cause ExecutionTiming Problem on Second Core of Cortex A9 on Zynq 702 MPCore

Hello everyone,

In the project I am working, I am running a Real Time Kernel on the Primary Core(uCoS-III) and use Secondary Core as BareMetal for Algorithm Execution and delegate algorithm execution job to the second core with software generated interrupts.

My Problem, or observation is that when I am connected to the device with DS5 via DStream, the algorithm I delegated to the secondary core lasts around 300 ms. When I disconnect and let the code continue to run, I observe through ethernet that the execution of my algorithm lasts 100 ms(which is the duration I expected). Why is there such a difference? Any ideas? Even though everything works fine when I write the elf file to the flash and run it without connecting the DS-5, I wonder why such a phenomena occurs.

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