The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the primary forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games and virtual reality gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry. 

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Sponsored Sessions & Panel Discussions
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Coming soon!

Sponsored Sessions:

Date: Wednesday 1st March Time: 12.30 pm Location: West Hall 3007 GDC 2017 Scheduler

Mobile: The future of VR

With the success of Samsung GearVR and recent launch of Google Daydream, mobile virtual reality has taken the consumer center stage. This talk will discuss the mobile VR technology available today, the challenges that mobile VR faces and the technological advances and optimizations available to overcome these challenges. In addition, we’ll cover both the current benefits of the Vulkan API and its potential for future applications. Finally, the speakers will consider how mobile VR technology is evolving and what the future of mobile VR holds for you.

Sam Martin | Senior Principal Graphics Architect, ARM Juan Wee | Senior Director, Mobile Platform and solutions,  Samsung Electronics Alon Or-bach | Senior Software Engineer, Samsung R&D

Date: Wednesday 1st March Time: 3.30 pm Location: West Hall 3022 GDC 2017 Scheduler


High Quality Mobile VR with Unreal Engine and Oculus


High resolution and low latency graphics are key to providing VR users with a truly immersive experience. This talk will share tips and best practices for mobile VR on UE4, as well as the latest rendering techniques from UE4.14 onwards and how the graphics pipeline gets the most from the mobile form factor. Finally, the speakers will consider how mobile VR technology is evolving and what we can look forward to in the future of the field.

Daniele Di Donato | Senior Software Engineer, ARM Ryan Vance | Senior Rendering programmer,  Epic Games Rémi Palandri | Software Engineer, Oculus

Date: Wednesday 1st March Time: 5.00 pm Location: West Hall 3007 GDC 2017 Scheduler


Achieving Console Quality Games on Mobile with Digital Legends case study

In the last 7 years there has been a massive 300x increase in GPU performance and 24x increase in screen resolution, making AAA graphics content achievable on mobile games. This talk will provide a case study of the Afterpulse game to cover the key developer features of the mobile architecture as well as the best coding practices used to achieve AAA graphics content. The session will also cover the most useful developer tools used to detect specific code bottlenecks, and how they were overcome.

Pete Harris| Senior Principal Architect, ARM Jon Kirkham | Staff Software Engineer, ARM Unai Landa | CTO, Digital Legends

Date: Thursday 2nd March Time: 10.00 am Location: West Hall 3022 GDC 2017 Scheduler


Get the most from Vulkan in Unity with practical examples from Infinite dreams


Developers can achieve key benefits like reduced power consumption and optimized CPU and GPU utilization, enabling richer scene content and an overall increase in game FPS when porting their games to Vulkan. ARM, Unity and Infinite Dreams have teamed up to showcase the tangible benefits provided by the Vulkan API on the Unity engine. Unity will also present a technical deep dive on lessons learned and performance tips used when integrating Vulkan into the Unity rendering pipeline.

Roberto Lopez Mendez | Senior Software Engineer, ARM Mikko Strandborg | Graphics Ninja at Unity Technologies Marek Wyszyński |Vice President & Co-Founder at Infinite Dreams

Panel Discussions:

Date: Wednesday 1st March Time: 2.00- 3.00pm Location: West Hall 3022 GDC 2017 Scheduler


The Future of Real-Time Lighting: Panel Discussion

Real-time lighting is a relatively young field within games. It is also one of the most important. As cinematographers have long known, it can make or break the final image, set the mood or enhance the story. But creating real-time lighting in games comes with a unique set of creative and technological challenges. This panel of industry experts will explore current issues in real-time lighting and discuss what the future holds in terms of opportunities and challenges. We will conduct the session in a town-hall style with a moderator and the opportunity for attendees to ask questions to the panel.


  • Remi Driancourt, ATG Lead, Square Enix
  • Andrew Maximov, Lead Technical artist, Naughty Dog
  • Neil Thompson, Head of Art and Animation, Bioware
  • Matthew Cooke, Senior Lighting Artist, Ready at Dawn
  • Yuriy ODonnell, Rendering Engineer, Frostbite / EA
  • Ivan Pedersen, Staff Technical Artist, ARM Enlighten

Moderated by: Sean Cleaver, Deputy Editor, Develop