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FastModel N1 Neoverse: SError in kernel on enabling local_irq_enable the event is CoreEvent_CURRENT_SPx_ABORT


I am trying to bring up kernel for N1 (ARMV8) in Fast-model. I get the SError on enabling  local_irq_enable(), which does unmask of SError in DAIF register.

Not able to get the details of this  CoreEvent_CURRENT_SPx_ABORT. If anyone has idea please share, 

Sharing runsim trace logs of fatsmodel,

592042838125 ps cpu0 IT (947261395) ffff8000100022b0:0000880022b0_NS d503201f O EL1h_n : NOP

592042838750 ps cpu0 IT (947261396) ffff8000100022b4:0000880022b4_NS d5034dff O EL1h_n : MSR      DAIFClr,#13

592042838750 ps cpu0 R cpsr a0000085

592042838750 ps cpu0 R DAIF 00000000:00000000

592042838750 ps cpu0 E ffff8000100022b8:0000880022b8_NS 00000087 CoreEvent_CURRENT_SPx_ABORT

592042838750 ps cpu0 R cpsr a00003c5

592042838750 ps cpu0 R ISR 00000080

From Coredump,

[ 1684.220815] SError Interrupt on CPU0, code 0xbe000211 -- SError

[ 1686.856390] genirq/ipi: MKCHG f:__ipi_send_mask l:269

[ 1689.727019] CPU: 0 PID: 0 Comm: swapper/0 Not tainted 5.10.28 #111

[ 1692.393462] Hardware name: Salina HAPS Emulation Board (DT)

[ 1695.179207] pstate: a0000085 (NzCv daIf -PAN -UAO -TCO BTYPE=--)

[ 1697.196585] pc : el1_irq+0x78/0x180

[ 1699.348087] lr : start_kernel+0x408/0x52c

Following is the code of el1_irq from objdump, the issue is not at the PC el1_irq+0x78/0x180, it is the event which occurs at the PC the moment SError is unmasked.



    kernel_entry 1

ffff800010002240:   a90007e0    stp x0, x1, [sp]


ffff8000100022b4:   d5034dff    msr daifclr, #0xd

ffff8000100022b8:   910003e0    mov x0, sp

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