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Build failed for a baremetal


While I am trying to execute a simple bubble sort program in c as provided as an example in the arm development studio IDE, I am facing 3 errors like as shown below:  (Target and source must be capability)

/bubblesort.c:45:37: error: invalid target type 'uint32_t *' (aka 'unsigned int *') for __cheri_tocap: target must be a capability
    seq_t sequence = (__cheri_tocap seq_t)malloc(sizeof(uint32_t) * SEQ_LEN);

../bubblesort.c:57:33: error: invalid source type 'uint32_t *' (aka 'unsigned int *') for __cheri_fromcap: source must be a capability
    free((__cheri_fromcap void*)sequence);

/bubblesort.c:70:6: error: conflicting types for 'print'
void print (seq_t __cheri_input sequence, int size) {

N.B: I am using LLVM 13.0.0 with Morello support.

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