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Morello Linux environment - release announcement

Hi everyone,
We are very pleased to announce the first release of the Morello Linux environment. This provides an integrated command line development environment, comprising:

  • Morello Kernel, implementing the new purecap kernel user ABI (PCuABI)
  • Containerised purecap rootfs including basic examples and a musl libC port.
  • Associated test & development frameworks

The release supports two key use cases:

  1. Simplifying the porting of userspace workloads (built with Morello LLVM and musl libC) via a new SDK (For Windows, Linux and Mac on x86 and aarch64host environments).
  2. Ecosystem contributions to the evolving Morello Kernel

To learn more about Morello Linux please visit and the project website and documentation

There’s a similar announcement posted on the associated mailing lists, which are the best way to engage with this work: