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Boot Problem

Using cheribsd-memstick-arm64-aarch64c-22.05.img on a USB drive (ext4)

Boot refuses to accept  

Ignoring Boot0002: Only one DP found

Failed to find bootable partition

ERROR: cannot open /boot/lua/loader.lua: invalid argument.

The boot problem is not always reproducible , I also see this message

XhcCheckUrbResult: STALL_ERROR! Completecode = 6

XhcControlTransfer: error - Device Error, transfer - 2

Press ESCAPE for boot options ...........[Bds]Booting UEFI Misc Device

[Bds]Booting UEFI WDC WDS240G2G0A-00JH30 214607A013F3

[Bds]Booting UEFI Non-Block Boot Device 2

[Bds]Booting UEFI PXEv4 (MAC:0002F7009763)

[HiiDatabase]: Memory allocation is required after ReadyToBoot, which may change memory map and cause S4 resume issue.

>>Start PXE over IPv4PXE: Failed to read system GUID from the smbios table!