Trouble Shooting Via Error Codes in Keil 5

I am a newbie for about ten years now, off and on, so I've forgotten so much. I do my Build in Keil for the TI Launchpad Board and I get, on a horizontal pane, at the bottom , a list of warnings and error codes that I cannot make any sense of. First of all, Warnings aren't, that I know of , going to stop a Build. In my case however, I'm getting a tsunami of warnings that bury my one or two errors like a needle in a haystack. I have no idea why keil does that, mingling errors with warnings. Can I suppress the warnings for now, so I have a chance at trouble shooting the errors ? I did find a listing of error codes that attempts, in chart form, to demystify the error codes which, to me at least are so cryptic I haven't a clue what they mean. Here is an example of what I mean, with a warning. I cannot even find the errors. To me this is just meaningless ... 

C:/Users/Binky/AppData/Local/Arm/Packs/ARM/CMSIS-DSP/1.14.4/Source/TransformFunctions/arm_cfft_radix2_init_q31.c(138): warning: cast from 'const unsigned short *' to 'unsigned short *' drops const qualifier [-Wcast-qual]
S->pBitRevTable = (uint16_t *) & armBitRevTable[7];