View printf messages while debugging through SWO

Hi,I have a custom board based on the ATSAME70N20 chip, which has a Cortex M7 core clocked at 294MHz.

We have been successfully using Keil 5.15 and the ARM Compiler 5.05 for a while but recently decided to move to the latest 5.39 and compiler 6.21.

After doing so, we have stopped viewing debugging traces through the "Debug (printf) viewer".

We are using a Segger J-Link debugger and even in the new environment we are able to see the traces using the J-Link SWO Viewer V7.96h external tool.

This is what my configuration looks like:

In order to discard something wrong related to the retarget_io.c file and similar, I have even tried to send characters via the ITM calling " ITM_SendChar('H'); ITM_SendChar('E'); ITM_SendChar('L'); ITM_SendChar('L'); ITM_SendChar('O'); ITM_SendChar('\n');¨ directly from my application but I am still only able to view them with the Segger external tool and not inside Keil.

This is not the first project we update, we recently did the same process with a CortexM4 platform and had no issues with the trace output. Also, we tried using Keil 5.39 with the old 5.05 compiler and got the same problem.

Is there any known issue in Keil 5.39 with the ITM traces in the Cortex-M7 core? Or have you got any idea what could I try?

I have checked the settings several times, compared ITM registers, checked the clock tree... but everything seems fine.