ARM FVP M55 debug control setting problem

When I try to use M55 FVP and set the debug control with an M55 model, The debugger stays at Reset_Handler.

However, If I use the M33 debug control model It works and does not stay at Reset_hanlder.

Can anyone help me to deal with this problem?

Thank you

The exact stuck point is

__NO_RETURN void Reset_Handler(void)
__set_PSP((uint32_t)(&__INITIAL_SP)); <<-- here in startup_ARMCM55.c


#if defined (__ARM_FEATURE_CMSE) && (__ARM_FEATURE_CMSE == 3U)
__TZ_set_STACKSEAL_S((uint32_t *)(&__STACK_SEAL));

SystemInit(); /* CMSIS System Initialization */
__PROGRAM_START(); /* Enter PreMain (C library entry point) */