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strange problem to debug stm32f20x board based via ULINKpro emulator?

hi all.

i normally connect to a stm32f20x based board via ULINK2, and it works fine.

i tried with ULINKpro emulator and the it does't work at all. This message is displayed: No ULINK2/ME Device Found.

even if the debug "Use"configuratione has been changed correctly (i think :)) in ULINK Pro Cortex Debugger.

On the other hand, i normally use the ULINKpro emulator (just the same emulator) with board based on stm32h743xx micro, and it works fine.

It seems that in the first case, mdk looks for ULINK2/ME the same also when you declare and use ULINKpro. 

what's the matter? anybody could help?

thanks a lot.

davide gandolfi