Error using variable argument list in a macro

I'm porting a project to the ARM MDK and am running into an error related to a macro with a variable argument list.

I have a macro defined as follows:

#define ADC_PRINTF(format, ...) printf(format, __VA_ARGS__)

(which matches every example I've seen of how to do this)

In the actual usage of the macro, I get the following error from the compiler:

../Core/Src/ADC_control.c(171): error: expected expression
ADC_PRINTF("blah blah blah\n\r");
../Core/Inc\ADC_control.h(29): note: expanded from macro 'ADC_PRINTF'
#define ADC_PRINTF(format, ...) printf(format, __VA_ARGS__)

I'm sure there's something really obvious that I'm missing here.  Any help would be appreciated.

Here are my compiler settings for the project: