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Go To Definition is a game of luck


the usage of the "Go To Definition" function is one of the most important function of the IDE for me. Working with software I`m using this function hundreds of times per day. In the past (up to 5.24.2) this was working without any problems. Today (5.35.0) I have have so much problems with this function. In 50% of all cases it works fine as usual. In the other 50% I`m always getting this enervating "No browse info for symbol in this context".
- yes, I enabled the creation of the browse information in the options
- yes, I rebuild the complete code
- yes, the header file with the searched information is included (open document and ctrl-f-search will find)
- yes, I hoped that with 5.35 the problem would be silently fixed ... but it does not
I can not imagine that such a great IDE like uvision has so elementary bugs ... the mistake must be on my side. Where is my fault ?
Please help !

friendly regards