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FTP server get or put commands do not work

I’ve implemented the HTTP and FTP server using the MDK4.03 and RL-ARM 4.05 in a system based on LPC2468. The system makes use of a flash file system implemented in an SPI flash memory. The HTTP implementation works fine I can download and upload files to/from the file system on the device.
When I tried the FTP server using the Windows command line FTP client utility I can connect to the FTP server, I can get a directory of the file system but I cannot get the files from the embedded file system. What is very strange is that I use the “mget *” command and the utility asks me if I want to get “file1” and I answer ‘y’ but then it says “File Not Found” and the same happens for the other files that were previously stored via the web interface. If I try to use the "put" command the Windows command line FTP client utility accepts the command but does not do anything.
I used another FTP client app, the one from Total Commander and with it I can “put” files into the device but I cannot get them back. Besides Total Commander adds a “\” at the beginning of the file name.
In the “NetConfig.c” I setup 10 TCP sockets, 4 to serve 4 HTTP sessions and 6 for 3 FTP sessions (I read in the TCPnet docs that the FTP server uses 2 sockets per session). I checked with Wireshark what is happening, I see the commands being sent and the responses coming from the embedded device so the TCP side is working. I noticed that the FTP server uses port 21 for command and ports starting with 1025 for data.

What I do not understand is why do I get the “”File Not Found” on get when a “dir” shows the file is there. Where should I look to find the problem? The “FTP_uic.c” is included in the project, the FTP file system access functions are very similar to the ones from the “HTTP_uic.c” .

Any pointer towards solving this problem will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,