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Late Night Question

Please bare with me, oh and don't laugh..

If/when I get a dev board, I would like to try and port a small (3-5Mb) windows program. The problem is I have no experience with this sort of thing. I don't know a lot about linux, or any programming language (I once made a "hello world" program and a few other things in c++)...

I have this camera LINK it has a basic GUI and a boot screen. Well a while ago I wanted to try and change the boot screen, so I got hold of some firmware for it so to see how it's made up. I was expecting to find some sort of jpg/png file for the boot screen, but the firmware comprised of just two bin. files.

I got a program to open and edit the bin files, saw the contents and thought, I have no idea what I'm doing. I closed the program and gave up.

Now here comes my question. In a case like this would you have to convert the bin files to some other file format so that you can edit it, I mean for the boot screen you must have a image file of some sort, a jpg etc, so where is it!? does the boot screen file just get turned into 1's and 0's?

Back to the windows prog I wanted to try and port. I think it's just in bin format too, so I tought if I can understand how my camera GUI/OS works it may help with porting that windows app...I may be way off the mark here, hopefully someone can put me straight...Cheers