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Simple C++ project for Bleu Pill, Arm-based Coretx-M3 MCU

Hi all,

I'm about to start C++ embedded programming for the first time and Arm-based Cortex-M MCUs will be the majority of the boards I will be working on. So as a start I have the following components to get my feet wet and learn the things from scratch: 

  1. Blue Pill (STM32F103C8T6) board
  2. Cables
  3. Breadboard
  4. St Link V2
  5. Windows and Linux machines

My purpose is to learn the skill properly, because I will use C++ embedded programming for a long time from now on. So I need help in this regard to choose both the right route/path and right tools (in terms of both software and hardware) for my objective. Since I've some good experience in C++ and a good basic knowledge of bit manipulation, I aim at using C++ for embedded and not C (I've many reasons for that but they go beyond the scope of this thread, anyway). Now I've got a couple of questions:

1) As I mentioned above, I've those five components at hand to run the first program/project (blinking the LED) on my Blue Pill board. Which popular IDE do you suggest that I use for this project and other C++ embedded projects on Arm-based MCUs, be it of STM or others, please?

2) How to start using that IDE, as a beginner, and write my C++ code on it to be able to run the project on the board, please?

Thanks so much in advance for your time and consideration.