[Mali400 on ZynqMP] OpenGL rendering issues


I experience rendering issues using ARM closed user space libraries distributed with ZynqMP for Mali400 (libMali.so.9.0) and Qt Data Visualisation library running under both Wayland or EGLFS on Linux kernel 5.10.0-xilinx-v2021.2. The rendered image looks like this:

while when I switch to mesa 21.2.4 and the open source LIMA driver the scene is rendered as intended (the axes are rendered properly):

Unfortunately, the performance of the open source driver in this scene is 5 times worse (~50fps vs ~14fps) thus unacceptable.

The ARM user-space library for this device is quite old. Does the newer version of the library for this device exist? Would you have any suggestions on how to address this problem?

  • We do not provide user-space drivers directly - they have to be provided by the chipset manufacturer as they are often customized to support a specific integration. I would suggest raising this with Xilinx.

    For this particular issue it's hard to help based solely on screenshots - can you provide more information about the API behavior of the draw call that is failing?