Clarification of external memory reads counter meaning

Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble understanding the meaning of the $MaliCoreL2ReadsFragmentExternalReadBeats counter (in the context of a Mali G-76 at least). I have 3 external memory reading counters with the following values :

  • $MaliCoreL2ReadsFragmentExternalReadBeats * 16 = 119 mebi-bytes
  • $MaliCoreL2ReadsLoadStoreExternalReadBeats * 16  = 218 mebi-bytes
  • $MaliCoreL2ReadsTextureExternalReadBeats * 16 = 552 mebi-bytes

I can't find any reference to it in your documentation (alongside the other 2). The main reason I'm asking is that an optimization we've made reduced the remaining 2 (as we expected) but just slightly increased the first one - MaliCoreL2ReadsFragmentExternalReadBeats. The increase might just be noise (as it's insignificant) but it would be good to understand what kind of data it refers to.