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Mali G72 mp3 flops performance

Hi guys:

  I'm an developing an opencl application on MTK P60(Mali G72 mp3). But i have met some problems.  

 The application has been run successfully on snapdragon 660(GPU Adreno 512), the performance was about 10ms. But when I run it on Mali G72 mp3, it should cost 60ms! When I check the gpu_utilization, it's almost 100 percent.

  Firstly, I couldn't find any specification about the flops performance with the Mali G72.(Adreno 512 GPU flops performance: 255 Gflops)

  Secondly, according to benchmarks, performance of G72 mp3 should close to the Adreno 512. I can't find out why it should perform so bad on G72 mp3.

  Welcome to talk about this. :)