Debug R52 will failure once there exist image in flash

Dear Arm Experts,

I've met a case which puzzled me for several days.

Currently I do not need to use the EL2, so I make the R52 switch to EL1  in the reset_handler in the startup.S.

I create a image which runs from the internal flash, so once power up the R52, the image in the flash will run at EL1 mode.

But at this time, the R52 will fail if I want to debug program  built in flash or sram due to the program runs from the  reset_handler and do the switch from EL2 to EL1.

I've to erase the image in the flash, so that I can do the debug...

So if there is a method to help fix the case so that I don't need to erase flash every time.

For example, if there exist a register that can reset the R52 to EL2 and the debugger can do the reset and halt the R52?

Any suggestions are most welcome!