ARM compiler for embedded options for semihosting


I'm building Cortex R52 code which use the C standard library vprintf and I want to use semi-hosting.

After browsing the web, I used the following linker options:

--specs=rdimon.specs, -lc and -lrdimon

Unfortunately, ARM compiler for Embedded 6.17 does not recognize the option '--specs=rdimon.specs"

Could you tell me which linker options have to be used to enable semi-hosting ?

Best Regards


  • Hi Frederic,

    The C standard library in ACfE 6.17 should support Semihosing out-of-the-box, with an appropriate scatter file, so no additional options should be needed. Are you experiencing any problems with it? Note that you must have an explicit  "main()" in your program for this to work.

    Edit: Just to elaborate: the --specs option and librdimon and GNU Toolchain concepts, instead.