Build scripts for arm-none-eabi GNU toolchain


I would like to get the build scripts for the recent GNU toolchains if possible. The versions since 10 include Linaro manifest files, but the release notes specifically say: "Note that the toolchains built using the Linaro ABE build system are not identical to the released binaries of Arm GNU Toolchain".

The build scripts used to build the actual binaries would be helpful for at least two reasons:

  1. To verify what is actually going into the compiler; public compiler binaries should be a "reproducible" builds.
  2. To patch the compiler or generate different compiler builds.

Specifically, we build a version of the nano compiler with exception-handling enabled (exception-handling does not work with the standard nano libraries because due to the "-fno-exceptions" flag they are missing the exception table information and so any throw attempt immediately fails trying to unwind from inside the libraries itself for the first stack frame).

I noted a different question here where someone may have been able to build the toolchain, but the links are dead and it wasn't clear what their solution was.

In this question, it looks like there are/were plans to release the build scripts at some point this year.

The old build scripts from the 10.x series were very helpful for us, if new ones could be made available to the community.