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Compiling CMSIS NN with GCC v12.2 for cortex-m55


I'm trying to compile a simple project for cortex-m55, the project right now is pretty simple, just the main and CMSIS DSP and NN.

If I enable float-abi, no matter if hard, soft or softfp, I get the following compilation error:

../src/CMSIS/NN/Source/SoftmaxFunctions/arm_softmax_s8.c: In function 'arm_exp_on_negative_values_mve_32x4':

../src/CMSIS/NN/Source/SoftmaxFunctions/arm_softmax_s8.c:74:1: internal compiler error: in trunc_int_for_mode, at

I have tried different combination like -mcpu=cortex-m55 or -march=armv8.1-m.main+fp.dp+mve.fp but the result is always the same.
What I'm doing wrong ? is there a way to compile for m55 with FPU enabled ? Otherwise MVE is not enabled.