Failed to launch debug server - rddidap_serverd


We work in a pair and use the same Ubuntu machine connected to the target board's onboard JTAG debugger (target connection: CMSIS-DAP, Connection: L35229085B)

Each of us has his own sudo account on that machine and his own Arm Development Studio installation, workspace etc. Of course, we don't use the machine simultaneously - when one of us needs access to the target, the other one disconnects.

The problem is the following. After the PC restart, if I start Arm Development Studio and debug session first - even after I finish my debug session, shut down my Arm Development Studio instance and log off, my counterpart cannot start debug session. And vice versa, if my counterpart, after the PC restart, runs Arm Development Studio and debug session first - I cannot do use it anymore.

The error we see is the following:
Unable to connect to conn.
Failed to launch debug server. Command:
exited with error code:1

And in the target console the following messages appear:
Starting debug server
Waiting for debug server to start accepting connections
ERROR : Another instance of the server is running

We have verified - there is no rddi process is running, so, nothing to kill. We have also tried to disconnect and connect back the target board - the problem persist.

The only way to fix the problem is to reboot the PC, which is painful because there are a lot of other things running on it.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance