LDRA plugin not showing up

Moving from DS-5 to Arm Dev Studio 2022.2 (build 20220912) and LDRA 9.8.1 to 10.2.0. We're locked into these versions since this is for a commercial project. In DS-5, you just had to drag the plugins into the dropins folder and the LDRA menu/view/perspective would show up as soon as you restarted. With the 2022.2, there is no dropins folder anymore. Creating one and installing the jars there does not get the plugin loaded. Nor does adding the files to the existing "plugins" folders.

If I look in the "Installation Details", the plugin doesn't show up in the "Plug-ins" tab nor are there any errors related to loading plugins under "View Error Log". It's like the files are just being wholly ignored. The vendor just provides the jar files for copy, no actual installer or anything, and historically, that's been enough. So is there something I'm missing? Something that needs to be configured in order to get them working in a newer version? Some other plugins folder I should be copying to?

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