ARM DS 2023 and ARM Fast Model 11.23 for Cortex M4: impossible to put breakpoints in the code


I'm working to debug embedded software for cortex M4, on a virtual platform including a fast model of Cortex M4, with the latest version of both ARM DS & ARM Fast Model (11.23)

ARM DS connects correctly to the VP, but unfortunately, I'm unable to put breakpoints into my embedded software.

I've imported my makefile c++ project into ARM DS without any problem, compiling for the M4 target and with -g -O0 options to be able to debug correctly.

I'm unable to put breakpoints into the C code, so I cannot debug my software.

I have added the debugger command add-symbol-file to allow the debugger to know where to load the debug symbols:

add-symbol-file "${workspace_loc:/demo/main.elf}"

I have the following errors displaying in the command view:

Breakpoint 2 unsilenced
add-symbol-file "${workspace_loc:/demo/main.elf}"
! Failed to load symbols for "main.elf"
! Failed to read the symbols from demo/main.elf
! Section .debug_info offset 0x4: DWARF version 5 is not supported. To use the DWARF 5 format, enable the LLVM DWARF parser.

It seems that the debug symbols cannot be loaded for my elf file. Could you please explain how to proceed here ? (I have no access to the URL provided by the error message)

Many thanks for your support

Best Regards