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printf output via DAP

Hello ARM community!

I'm trying to setup printf (or puts) output via DAP (Debug Access Port).
The target device is cortex-M3.
In MDK-ARM Keil (use ARM Compiler 5) this works great.
In Manage Run-Time Environment I select Compiler -> Event Recorder and I/O -> STDOUT (EVR).

In code I add:

#include <stdio.h>
#include "EventRecorder.h"

In main() I call:

EventRecorderInitialize( EventRecordAll, 1 );

EventRecorderConf.h contains: 

#define EVENT_RECORD_COUNT      64U
#define EVENT_TIMESTAMP_SOURCE  0 //DWT Cycle Counter
#define EVENT_TIMESTAMP_FREQ    1000000

In View->Serial Window -> Debug (printf) Viwer I see printf messages from the device.
However, when using the Arm Development Studio IDE (use ARM Compiler 6) I don't see printf output anywhere (I did not find a window in Arm Development Studio similar to Debug (printf) Viwer in Keil).
The code body and the Manage Run-Time Environment settings are the same.
The program in Arm Development Studio works, but I can't see printf anywhere while debugging. In window Arm Development Studio Target console printf is not output.
How to get printf output in Arm Development Studio via DAP (Debug Access Port) like in Keil?

Thanks in advance.