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I tried to debug the virtualization code on the Neoverse N2 FVP platform, but found that the performance of the fvp was particularly poor and affected the interaction. How can I debug virtualization code efficiently?

I followed the steps in the hyperlink below to start host and guest

docs/infra/common/gicv4_1-vlpi-vsgi.rst · master · Arm Reference Solutions / arm-reference-solutions-docs · GitLab

There are a few problems here:

Firstly,it takes an hour and a half to start host,  then a long time to start guest.

Secondly,copying the kernel source code to host ,need several hours.

Thirdly,in order to make vmlinux and kernel source consistent, I need to update the kernel of host, but I cannot compile and install the kernel, the performance of fvp is too poor.

How can I debug virtualization code efficiently?

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