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Problem related to license for FM simulator

Hi, I'm currently working on ARM Virtual Hardware AWS instance with VHT simulator.

I'm facing licensing problem of FM simulator, which is quite confusing.

This thread(Do we need license to use Arm Virtual Hardware? - Arm Virtual Hardware forum - Support forums - Arm Community) did not help me because I'm now working on AMI version 1.1.2 

When I invoke VHT simulator with my own user account on AWS, license error for FM simulator occurs.

I thought it was an error because of authorization or previlage. However, trying with sudo or even with root account didn't solve the problem.

This is the most confusing part: It worked fine with default ubuntu account. It solves the license issue I've been facing.

My question is:

  • Is FM is only licensed for 'ubuntu' account by default?
    1. If so, how can I get a license for another accounts?
    2. If not, why this is happening?

Thank you for your attention.