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How can I utilize printf() to print to the telnet terminal?


I am running a FreeRTOS TCP Echo Server example on a Arm Virtual Hardware target. The echo part works perfectly, however, I would like to print out the amount of ticks it took to run the client echo from xTaskGetTickCount() in the telnet terminal that the virtual target is hosted on but the printf() does not seem to print anything in my case when the echo is done. The Client part is ran on the Ubuntu Host as a python script. From the information that I've gathered I have to do some sort of retargeting to utilize printf() properly to be able to print in the telnet terminal. I found this GetStarted example where they managed to use printf()'s in their main function and I'm wondering how I can do the same for my project. I've tried to follow this example ( without any success. 

Below I've included the project example that could be downloaded from MCUXpresso but I'm running it on Keil Uvision. The path to the project file is tcpecho\boards\frdmk64f\lwip_examples\lwip_tcpecho\freertos\mdk. The printf() are in the tcpecho.c file which is located in lwip/contrib/apps/tcpecho from line 62-94.