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Failed to call clEnqueueCopyImage between src(clCreateFromEGLImageKHR) and dst(clCreateImage)

Recently, I tried to use clEnqueueCopyImage for OpenGL/ES interop with OpenCL. However, it just return -59(CL_INVALID_OPERATION) after calling clEnqueueCopyImage

  1. Use glGenTextures to generate input_gl_tex and check( glGetError() )
  2. Use eglCreateImageKHR to generate input_egl_image with input_gl_tex as parameter and check( eglGetError() )
  3. Use clCreateFromEGLImageKHR to generate input_cl_egl_image with input_egl_image as parameter and check
  4. Use clEnqueueAcquireEGLObjectsKHR to acquire for input_cl_egl_image
  5. Use clEnqueuecopImage  between src(input_cl_egl_image) and dst(clCreateImage), it just return CL_INVALID_OPERATION

How could i fix it ?