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Some question about Arm Embedded Evaluation Kit

Ask the Arm ML Embedded Evaluation Kit(

1.In the "Memory considerations" section of this article, it is mentioned that there are three memory modes that can be set. May I ask why the Dedicated_Sram mode can only be used on Ethos-U65?

Is it because of some hardware limitation that it can only be used on U65?

2.Why does activate_buf_sz in use_case.cmake refer to different memory when Shared_Sram and Dedicated_Sram are used? Under Shared_Sram, it refers to the size of SRAM, and under Dedicated_Sram, it refers to the size of DRAM?

The activate buffer I know is to put the tensor arena and should be placed in the cache. Not sure why the size of this value for different modes refers to different things.

 (Dedicatd_Sram_mode) (Shared_Sram_mode)

3.I have tried putting a model (FSRCNN,
Convert it to tflite, and use the Vela compiler to convert tflite into an optimized model and put it on the FVP of Ethos-U65 to simulate, and encountered a problem.
"tensor allocation failed!"

This situation was encountered before because the value of activate_buf_sz in use_cased.cmake was set too small. At this time, we need to check the memory of the repoert of Vela comilper to adjust its size.

I am using dedicated Sram mode this time, so I have to check the DRAM used value of Memory uesd to adjust.
But this time the situation is different. The value I adjusted has exceeded the required value.

Still tensor allocation failed!
Would like to ask is there any reason why he failed?

 (vela report)

 (activate_buf_sz in use_cased.cmake)

Thanks in advance for your answers