Empathy and Insight in New Technology Thinking

Connective and machine learning technologies offer previously unimagined solutions to solve complex real-world challenges that impact real lives. Haiyan Zhang joined us at the Arm Research Summit to share her approach to embracing new skillsets in empathy and insight, processes and techniques for shedding light on the often irrational and messy inner workings of people. In her inspiring keynote talk, she shares stories of a number of individuals and families that she has worked with that highlight the process of seeking insight, and the importance of working across different technologies in order to craft new experiences.

About Haiyan Zhang

Haiyan Zhang is a designer, engineer and maker of things. An innovation and technology leader, Haiyan has spent the past 20 years working hands-on across software engineering, user experience, hardware development, service design, cloud platforms, design thinking and blue-sky envisioning. She continues to push on the boundaries where technology can transform people's lives for the better. Haiyan is Innovation Director at Microsoft Research in Cambridge and Technical Advisor to Lab Director, Christopher Bishop. She is also an inventor appearing in the BBC documentary series, Big Life Fix, inventing cutting-edge technology in support of people and communities in need. 

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