Synopsys supports launch of Arm AMBA 5 AXI5, ACE5 protocols with 1st source code test suite and VIP

Through a blog post by Arm has just announced the new Arm AMBA 5 AXI5, ACE5 and ACE5-Lite protocols; you can request the the latest AMBA 5 specs through a link in that blog. These protocols are employed by Arm's latest technology, including DynamIQ processors like Cortex-A55 and Cortex-A75 as well as the Arm CoreLink CMN-600 Coherent Mesh Network. In his blog, Jeff does a great job of introducing the new features and benefits of these protocols, including the many updates and enhancements to AXI, ACE and ACE-Lite.

Synopsys is proud to have collaborated with Arm on the development of this new AMBA 5 AXI5 and ACE5 specification and also deliver the first source code test suite and Verification IP (VIP) for these new protocols. In his blog on this new offering talks about the early adopter customer success using these products, which were developed concurrently with the specification.

Arm and Synopsys have a long history of collaboration on the AMBA standard and products in support of it, and this recent announcement builds on that history, including the source code test suite and VIP for AMBA 5 CHI Issue B specification we announced concurrently with Arm's introduction of this new specification.

To learn more about our VIP for the latest AMBA standards, I suggest these recent blog posts: "Arm AMBA 5 AHB5: Accelerating the Embedded and IoT World" and "Jumping the Barrier of Verifying Arm AMBA ACE Protocol Barrier Transactions." There are also a good blogs on why source code test suites are so powerful compared to the alternative (encrypted/binary) forms.

To learn more about Synopsys VIP and test suites for AMBA protocols, please visit "Verification IP with Synopsys page on our website" and our active blog "VIP Central."