Enabling Innovation in Automotive Electronics

Announcing the Arm Automotive Developer Community (AADC) portal on Arm Developer. AADC is a central showcase and global directory for developers seeking to harness the innovation available within the Arm ecosystem for next generation automotive electronic deployments. This portal is a great starting point for developers to see the breadth and depth of automotive solutions supporting the Arm architecture.

Much like the telecommunications and mobile phone industries were disrupted by new technology trends, the automotive industry is in the midst of a very similar disruption. The automotive electronics revolution is much more complex than previous technology revolutions. Automotive manufacturers must quickly innovate in technology areas like advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), autonomous drive, digital cockpit technologies, vehicle to vehicle/infrastructure (V2X) communications and vehicle electrification just to mention a few. With new technology comes the responsibility for safe and secure systems. AADC’s breadth of products and services showcases options that will help deliver better cost efficiencies, scalability, and reliability for OEMs and Tier 1s.

Diagram of automotive electronics

AADC is focused on providing a central location where automotive developers can start their research on any element of a new Electronic Control Unit (ECU) design. AADC includes partners that provide automotive grade solutions in the following areas (non-exhaustive):

  • Silicon Devices and Board Products
  • Embedded Virtualization (hypervisor)
  • Operating Systems
  • Simulation Environments and Tools
  • Collaborative Open Source Projects
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) Tools
  • AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive
  • Security Software
  • Software Development
  • Integrated Cockpit Hardware and Software
  • Safety Qualified Compilers and Tools
  • High Performance Embedded File Systems
  • Testing and Simulation Platforms

The response from automotive partners to showcase their hardware, software, and services solutions has been overwhelmingly positive and will continue to grow. Becoming a member allows automotive solutions to be showcased in one central location as a resource for automotive designers and developers. If you are an automotive product and/or services company and would like to showcase your solutions that support Arm we invite you to visit the AADC membership link to inquire how you may become part of AADC.

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