Whitepaper: How automotive body electronics are changing

Body control applications can sometimes be overlooked in favour of application areas which at face value are seeing a greater rate of change, such as advanced driver assistance, safety and electrified powertrains. However, the sheer volume of body domain functions, and the associated high number of microcontrollers used to implement them, means that body applications are of significant importance to semiconductor vendors. In 2016, Strategy Analytics data shows that over 50% of all microcontrollers fitted to light vehicles were used in body domain applications, with over 1.3 billion MCUs fitted.

In the research report below you will learn:

  • Why the volumes involved in body electronics make it a prime opportunity for growing market share in automotive
  • Why a shift is taking place from 8- and 16-bit MCUs to 32-bit processing
  • Key requirements for future body electronics such as security, functional safety and AUTOSAR

Download the Whitepaper

ARM Moves Further Into Automotive with NXPs Launch of S32K Series.pdf