Arm TechCon program released for 2017

Why is the Internet of Things so hard? How will you secure your connected car? Can we design a bi-directional brain-computer interface today? How is artificial intelligence changing device design?

Arm TechCon 2017  (Oct. 24-26 in Santa Clara, Calif.) asks and answers these and scores of other timely electronics design questions. The just-published Arm TechCon program details a wealth of technical, keynote and theater sessions for engineers and developers of all stripes. Arm TechCon program sessions, divided among eight tracks, offer answers and insights into today’s most-challenging design issues. The 8 technical tracks for ARM TechCon 2017 will cover Embedded Software Development; Silicon Design; Automotive, Industrial & Functions Safety; Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Graphics; Networking, Infrastructure & Servers; High-Efficiency Systems, Internet of Things, and Trust & Security. 

Arm TechCon program for 2017

Arm TechCon program highlights include:

  • Stacey Higginbotham of SKT Labs, will offer a keynote address  that describes the challenges and new directions in IoT design.
  • Cyber security expert Jessica Barker will describe how to hack a human.
  • A bi-directional brain-computer interface will be described that can decipher complex neural signals and simultaneously stimulate neural tissue for closed-loop control.
  • A theater session will take up the question of how we, as an industry, will need to adjust to deliver a trillion connected devices  in the coming years.
  • Arm executives and research experts will offer their vision of future from the c-level and the research labs.
  • A session on how to approach software and hardware architectures that enable machine learning on battery-powered embedded devices.

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