Arm joins Dronecode Project to support the future of autonomous vehicles

As part of our continued work in drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology development, we are pleased to announce that we will be joining the Dronecode Project. With drone sales skyrocketing over the past few years, autonomous vehicles powered by Dronecode software and Arm IP are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. As the leader in low-energy microprocessor and microcontroller technology, Arm hardware and software will be central to the success of drones and autonomous vehicles that fly, roll, swim, submerge, deliver packages for years to come.

To kick-off our participation in the Dronecode Project, Arm and our partners have organized a series of upcoming events and initiatives to further expand upon our relationship with Dronecode. We welcome you to join us at these events to learn more.

Meet Arm and Dronecode at Embedded World

February 27th - March 1st, Germany

To learn more about Arm and Dronecode, stop by our booth at Embedded World this coming February 27th - March 1st, where we will be hosting technical demos from Dronecode featuring Arm IP. Visit our Embedded World page for more information and where to find us. Ramon Roche, Program Manager at The Linux Foundation will be present to share more details about how Arm and Dronecode technology work together.

Come visit Arm, NXP and Dronecode @ SXSW as we explore the future of drones and rovers

We are excited to announce that Arm, contributors to Dronecode, NXP and Capital Factory will be presenting a panel discussion on the future of drone technology as it relates to smart cities at SXSW. We have also arranged a drone showcase area at Capital Factory in downtown Austin which will run throughout SXSW. Registration is open now, click here to reserve your spot. The panel will feature leading drone luminaries and city policy experts who will discuss how drones will be deployed in our local environments around the world.

Adding drone and autonomous vehicle innovators to the Arm Innovator Program

With tens of billions of Arm processors sold to date, the Arm ecosystem consists of a global network of leading technical luminaries. Last year, we created the Arm Innovator program to highlight these individuals and provide them with a platform to share their work more broadly. Launched last October in collaboration with, the first group of Arm Innovators featured experts in robotics, IoT, SoC design, healthcare, security and AI.

This past week, we have introduced a new group of Arm Innovators featuring experts in autonomous vehicles, drones, cellular, makers, voice and smart cameras. We hope to share the work of these experts, several of whom leverage Dronecode, with a broad audience of developers and partners in coming months in the form of workshops, meetups, technical articles, interviews and more.

About Dronecode

Dronecode is the main open source platform used in drone products including those produced by Yuneec, GoPro, Airdog, ALTI, Wingtra, Sentera, Qualcomm and many others. Dronecode Project software is found in all types of airframes ranging from Multicopters, VTOL and fixed wing fliers. In addition to aerial vehicles, Dronecode is also used in other types of autonomous robots such as wheeled rovers, boats and submarines. The Dronecode Project is enabling a wide range of Arm ecosystem partners through software development support for Arm silicon (STMicro, NXP, Qualcomm). Learn more about Dronecode here.

The key element of Dronecode Project is Dronecode Platform, a shared, open-source platform for unmanned autonomous vehicles consisting of communications, flight code, ground control station, hardware, simulation tools and APIs developers can use to deploy drones. The Pixhawk is a popular open-source reference design based on Arm cores. Dronecode Platform currently supports Arm Cortex-M3, Arm Cortex-M7, Arm Cortex-A9 and Arm Cortex-A53 cores.