Can't start the debug session properly


I did started a project using the STM32CubeMX by selecting the MDK-ARM IDE, Min version: V5.27.

My keil version is: MDL_Lite Version:

The generated code compiled successfully, and I did changes the  Debugger from ST-Link to J-Link using SW port and not JTAG.

I click the download button (F8), the flash load finishing successfully, then I press the start/stop debug session, the executable not starting or reaching the start of the main function! see the picture bellow :

when I stop the code execution I can see the next disassembly to be executed but never reach the start of the main function or started over from, even when I press the reset button although the the Run to main() box from the Debug settings is checked.

I am new to Keil.

Please help

Best Regards


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