Wrong character received from UART?

I am new to Cortex M4 programming I am using teensy 3.2 board .I have connected it to PC using USB to TTL cable.I have written a code to transmit a character from Teensy UART to PC .I am using Dockight as terminal. The baudrate is 9600 for a 72MHZ system clock with 8 data bits ,1 start bit,1 stop bit and no parity bit. I have disabled interrupts and DMA Here is my code

#include "MK20D7.h"

void UARTPutChar(char);

int main()
    SIM->SCGC4=1UL<<10; //Clock Enable Uart0
    SIM->SCGC5 =1UL<<12;//Enable GPIO PORT D clock
    UART0->C2=0X00;         //Disable UART Tx
    PORTD->PCR[7]=  0x00000300;     //Port pin declare as UART0TX
    UART0->BDH=0x01;    //9600 baudrate 72MHz system clock
    UART0->C2=0X08; //Enable UART0 Tx


void UARTPutChar(char ch)
    //if(UART0->S1  == 0X40)

I have configured Docklight settings correctly but i dont receive the character i transmit Here is what i get

Whereas I should receive Ascii of 'A'.I have my self let the Transmit Empty Flag unused for checking. When i used S1 status flag,nothing is transmitted to PC.

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