Disassembly differences

I have problems to save a value in a variable.

When I look at the disassembly code in the Disassembly Window in the Debugger it looks really weird to me. When I generate a disassembly from the axf with the fromelf command it makes much more sense to me.

The C code that interest me. When I run the code at the end the variable local_z  stores not the value 6 as expected instead 0.

uint32_t global_c ;
uint32_t *pglobal_c = &global_c;

void MX_FREERTOS_Init(void) {
    uint32_t local_c;
    uint32_t local_z;
    local_c = 5;
    local_c = 6;
    global_c = 6;
    local_z = global_c+local_c;

Assembly code from the Disassembly Window:

   126:         uint32_t local_c; 
   127:         uint32_t local_z; 
0x08004788 2002      MOVS          r0,#0x02
   128:         local_c = 5; 
0x0800478A 9002      STR           r0,[sp,#0x08]
   129:         local_c = 6; 

0x0800478C 2000      MOVS          r0,#0x00
   135:         global_c = 6; 
0x0800478E 9003      STR           r0,[sp,#0x0C]
0x08004790 2003      MOVS          r0,#0x03
0x08004792 9004      STR           r0,[sp,#0x10]
   136:         local_z = global_c+local_c; 
0x08004794 2005      MOVS          r0,#0x05
0x08004796 9005      STR           r0,[sp,#0x14]
0x08004798 A901      ADD           r1,sp,#0x04

Assembly code from the fromelf command:
To generate the assembler code I use the "fromelf $PIntellitraps_CPU_V1_0\%L --disassemble --interleave=source  --text -c --output=outfile.lst" command

;;;126    	uint32_t local_c;
;;;127    	uint32_t local_z;
;;;128    	local_c = 5;
        0x0800478a:    2505        .%      MOVS     r5,#5
;;;129    	local_c = 6;
        0x0800478c:    2506        .%      MOVS     r5,#6
;;;135    	global_c = 6;
        0x0800478e:    2006        .       MOVS     r0,#6
        0x08004790:    4904        .I      LDR      r1,[pc,#16] ; [0x80047a4] = 0x20000028
        0x08004792:    6008        .`      STR      r0,[r1,#0]
;;;136    	local_z = global_c+local_c;
        0x08004794:    4608        .F      MOV      r0,r1
        0x08004796:    6800        .h      LDR      r0,[r0,#0]
        0x08004798:    1944        D.      ADDS     r4,r0,r5

Can anybody explain to me why they are different and why the value don't get stored?

I use uVision V5.29 Professional with the ARM Compiler V5. The optimization Level is 0 and I compile for a STM32F7969NIHx.

Thank you in advance

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  • I don't see any difference in the displayed c code

    That's not where I said the difference is.

    Look at the code bytes, i.e. the actual machine code.

    Whichever way that happened, the executable code you're looking at in the debugger is not the code you passed to fromelf.

    You didn't, by any chance, disable the actual download of the executable to the chip in your debugger settings, did you?

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