I could use some help getting an SD card up and running on TWR-K60F120M. I've been having a difficult time locating resources on the proper way to initialize this "module". I have enabled a memory card via the "Run-Time Environment" feature in Keil. The issue I'm now having is that finit("M0:") hangs but fmount("M0:") does not. Could someone please let me know the appropriate way of initializing the file system?

Below is an empty project I'm using to test with:

#include <stdio.h>
#include "rl_fs.h"
#include "cmsis_os2.h"
#include "system_MK60F12.h"

volatile int test = 0;

int main (void)  {
   //osKernelInitialize ();
   volatile fsStatus test2 = finit ("M0:");
   //volatile fsStatus test3 = fmount ("M0:");
   //volatile fsStatus test2 = finit ("");
      if(test > 500)
         test = 0;
   return 0;

void Driver_SPI0(void)

Here is the configuration:

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