Logic Analyzer not working


I'm using a stm32f407 card together with the µVision 5 program, until now I haven't had many problems until I wanted to use the logic analyzer, I have active in the ADC card connected to a potentiometer, when I vary the resistance the value of a variable called "adcvalue" takes the value corresponding to the ADC input from 0 to 255, when I add the variable in watch1 there is no problem to show me the updated value of this variable but when I add it to the logic analyzer it does absolutely nothing, I checked several solutions that I found on the internet and the only thing I find is to activate trace in the debug options, but this is already done, there is something extra that has to be done for this function that delivers the program to work, since what I want to do is export these values in a csv but it does not record any change in this and any other variable that I assigned to the logic analyzer. also i have used stm studio to not complicate things, but apparently in this program i can't export what i record, only visualize it... i hope someone will help me to clarify this problem or give me an alternative solution for the task i want to do.


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