target not created error + Debug not responding

Rebuild started: Project: asm4-1
*** Using Compiler 'V6.14', folder: 'C:\Keil_v5\ARM\ARMCLANG\Bin'
Rebuild target 'Target 1'
"asm4-1.s", line 6: Error: A1167E: Invalid line start
6 00000000 ??
1 Error, 0 Warnings
assembling asm4-1.s...
.\Objects\asm4-1.axf: error: L6002U: Could not open file .\objects\asm4-1.o: No such file or directory
Not enough information to list image symbols.
Not enough information to list load addresses in the image map.
Finished: 2 information, 0 warning, 0 error and 1 fatal error messages.
".\Objects\asm4-1.axf" - 1 Error(s), 0 Warning(s).
Target not created.
Build Time Elapsed: 00:00:01

this was the error message

also whenever i use debugger the first time it just shows debug error message but the second time i get not responding message and keil just shuts down itself. Please help

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